Large clinic in Southern Florida

“We’ve been using FlexScanMD for a little more than 2 years and we are very pleased with the software and even more so with their customer service staff! Prior to this, we had a manual (Excel) tracking method to keep track of our donated pharmaceutical donations; but had no way of tracking (realtime) how much medical inventory was being dispensed to our patients. FlexScanMD has changed all of that by allowing us to customize received inventory, bar code each medication and integrating it fully with our PM software so that we can track who has received it. The software works great with the handheld scanners for ease of use by our providers. Our annual physical inventory is now much easier and streamlined. On two occasions where we were notified of recalled medications, FlexScanMD made it easy to see which patients were affected and also allowed us to see what medical inventory needed to be discarded. I can’t say enough good things about their customer service staff. They are always helpful, patient and willing to walk you through any problems/questions you may have! Great experience overall! Highly recommend FlexScanMD!!