Pain Management

Keeping track of pain management inventory is an extremely important issue. If your company only has one location, or many locations, FlexScanMD inventory management for pain management practices provides you with real-time insight into the state of your inventory. Our cloud-based system gives you the highest level of inventory control, allowing you to quickly scan items in and out of inventory. This improves workflow and increases employee efficiency. Our comprehensive reporting helps you make informed decisions regarding the products you stock, dispense and sell. This saves time and money, permitting you to focus on what is most important – patient care.

Low On-hand and Expiration Date Alerts

Real-time Inventory Transfer

Comprehensive Reporting

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Improve how inventory is managed and increase your real-time, on-hand stock visibility

Inaccurate inventory data will negatively impact your pain management practice’s operations. It results in either product overstock or understock. Inventory visibility should be accessible to all key staff in your organization, keeping both care and administrative teams on the same page. FlexScanMD provides a 360-degree view of your medical inventory, allowing you to see realtime stock counts and dispense history to ensure adequate supplies exist at locations when they are needed.

  • Enterprise dashboard shows key metrics in real-time
  • Custom security groups provide the right level of access to the right team members
  • Automatic electronic ordering from medical supply vendors streamlines the ordering process
  • Manage Purchase orders by setting approval levels
  • Comprehensive reporting

Track it all!

As our name suggests, FlexScanMD is a “flexible” inventory management solution for pain management facilities. It allows you to track any type of medical product, from expensive controlled substances to medications to general PPE and medical supplies. FlexScanMD’s integrated barcode scanning allows staff to quickly scan items in and out of inventory. Seamless integration with your Practice Management and EHR systems gives providers the ability to automatically decrement inventory in real-time.

  • Track meds by lot number and from multiple sources
  • Track and capture sales specific needs such as sales tax, promotions, discounts, sales reports and more
  • Track general and medical products such as PPE or other vital supplies
  • Track assets such as computers, software, and medical equipment

Increase accuracy, efficiency, and profitability

Poor inventory management results in loss of revenue and staff time, due to inaccurate data and the over and understock of products. FlexScanMD increases efficiency and saves your organization time and money. Real-time alerts let you know when stock reaches preset PAR levels and need to be reordered. Our expiration date monitoring system allows you to closely track expiring products, helping you rotate inventory between pain management locations to avoid needless product waste.

  • Real-time notification of low on-hand and expiration date alerts.
  • Real-time Inventory transfers between locations
  • Controlled Substance Reporting
  • Create and print patient Rx labels
  • Create and print custom 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Create and print Rx labels
  • Fast re-orders through the purchase order module

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Streamlined Inventory Management for Pain Relief

Pain management practices face the critical challenge of efficiently managing their inventory while focusing on patient care. Whether your practice operates from a single location or across multiple sites, FlexScanMD’s advanced inventory management solution is tailored to address the unique needs of pain management facilities. Our cloud-based system provides real-time insight into your inventory, offering the highest level of control and efficiency. With the ability to swiftly scan items in and out of inventory, you’ll experience enhanced workflow and increased staff productivity. Our comprehensive reporting empowers you to make informed decisions about the products you stock, dispense, and sell, allowing you to allocate more time and resources to patient care.

Elevate Inventory Management and Visibility

Inaccurate inventory data can hinder your pain management practice’s operations, leading to product overstock or understock. Accessible inventory visibility is crucial for seamless operations and patient care coordination. FlexScanMD delivers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your medical inventory, enabling real-time stock count monitoring and dispense history tracking. This ensures that you always have adequate supplies available when needed, minimizing disruptions and enhancing patient care.

Efficient and Comprehensive Tracking

FlexScanMD’s flexibility extends to pain management, offering comprehensive tracking capabilities for a wide range of medical products. From controlled substances to medications and general medical supplies, our integrated barcode scanning empowers your staff to efficiently track items in and out of inventory. Seamlessly integrated with your Practice Management and EHR systems, FlexScanMD enables automatic inventory decrements in real time, ensuring accurate stock levels.

Enhanced Accuracy, Efficiency, and Profitability

Effectively managing your pain management inventory translates to improved revenue and better utilization of staff time. FlexScanMD’s real-time alerts notify you when the stock reaches preset levels, preventing stockouts and streamlining the reordering process. Our expiration date monitoring feature helps you manage expiring products, minimizing wastage. The result? Enhanced accuracy, workflow efficiency, and profitability for your practice.

Unlock the Power of Pain Management Inventory Management

Experience the transformative impact of FlexScanMD’s web-based inventory management system for pain management facilities. Say goodbye to inventory-related headaches and reclaim valuable time for patient-focused activities. Are you ready to revolutionize your pain management practice? Request a free demo today and discover how FlexScanMD can optimize your inventory management and elevate your patient care to a new level.

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