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Health Clinics main focus is providing high-quality patient care. Spending an excessive amount of time on inventory management can get frustrating. For many medical companies, inventory management usually means tracking medical supplies and equipment with lengthy spreadsheets for a single office, or a multi-location group. To remove the complication and increase the effectiveness of your entire staff, FlexScanMD inventory management for health clinics provides you with real-time insight into the state of your inventory. Our cloud-based system gives you the highest level of inventory control, allowing you to quickly scan items in and out of inventory. This improves workflow and increases employee efficiency. Our comprehensive reporting helps you make informed decisions regarding the products you stock, dispense, and sell. This saves time and money, permitting you to focus on what is most important – patient care.

Low On-hand and Expiration Date Alerts

Real-time Inventory Transfer

Comprehensive Reporting

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Improve how inventory is managed and increase your realtime, on-hand stock visibility

Struggling with product overstock or understock should not be a part of your staff’s day. Our medical inventory software solution, FlexScanMD, provides a 360-degree view of your medical inventory, allowing you to see real-time stock counts and dispense history to ensure adequate supplies exist at locations when they are needed.

  • Enterprise dashboard shows key metrics in real-time
  • Custom security groups provide the right level of access to the right team members
  • Automatic electronic ordering from medical supply vendors streamlines the ordering process
  • Manage Purchase orders by setting approval levels
  • Comprehensive reporting

Track it all!

As our name suggests, FlexScanMD is a “flexible” inventory management solution that allows you to track any type of medical product, from expensive vaccines and medications, to general PPE and medical supplies. FlexScanMD’s integrated barcode scanning allows staff to quickly scan items in and out of inventory. Seamless integration with your Practice Management and EHR systems gives providers the ability to automatically decrement inventory in real-time.

  • Track unique lot types like VFC, VFA, 340B as well as various programs
  • Easily distinguish between private and funded medical stock
  • Track general and medical products such as PPE or other vital supplies
  • Track assets such as computers, software, and medical equipment

Increase Your Health Clinic’s Accuracy, Efficiency, and Profitability

Using our medical inventory software, FlexScanMD, you will increase efficiency and save your organization time and money. Real-time alerts let you know when stock reaches preset PAR levels and need to be reordered. Our expiration date monitoring system allows you to closely track expiring products, helping you rotate medical inventory between your health clinic locations to avoid needless product waste.

  • Real-time notification of low on-hand and expiration date alerts.
  • “Break-Open” expiry monitoring
  • Real-time Inventory transfers between locations
  • Partial dispensing
  • Create and print patient Rx labels
  • Auto-replenish stock with our purchase order module

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Revolutionize Your Health Clinic with FlexScanMD’s Medical Clinic Inventory Software

Are you tired of spending excessive amounts of time managing inventory at your health clinic? Are lengthy spreadsheets causing frustration for your staff? It’s time to elevate your clinic’s operations with FlexScanMD’s cutting-edge medical clinic inventory software. Our solution is tailored to empower health clinics like yours, providing real-time insight into your inventory and streamlining your workflow. Say goodbye to complications and hello to efficiency!

The Power of Medical Clinic Inventory Managwement

At your health clinic, patient care is paramount. However, efficient inventory management is equally crucial to ensure your focus remains where it should be—on your patients. FlexScanMD’s advanced inventory management software is designed to remove the hassle of tracking medical supplies and equipment. Our cloud-based system offers the highest level of inventory control, enabling you to scan items in and out seamlessly, boosting workflow efficiency and employee productivity. The result? More time to prioritize patient care, without compromising accuracy.

Enhance On-Hand Stock Visibility in Real-Time

Struggling with inventory imbalances can hinder your clinic’s smooth operations. FlexScanMD’s medical clinic inventory software provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of your inventory, offering real-time stock counts and dispense history. This ensures that the right supplies are available at the right locations when they’re needed, eliminating the guesswork associated with overstock or understock scenarios.

Empower Your Clinic with Comprehensive Tools

FlexScanMD’s flexibility goes beyond its name. Our medical clinic inventory software empowers you to manage a wide range of medical products, from essential vaccines and medications to general PPE and medical supplies. Integrated barcode scanning facilitates quick and accurate tracking, while seamless integration with your Practice Management and EHR systems enables automatic inventory updates in real time.

Elevate Accuracy, Efficiency, and Profitability

With FlexScanMD, accuracy and efficiency become the pillars of your health clinic’s success. Real-time alerts keep you informed about inventory levels, ensuring timely reordering. Our expiration date monitoring feature helps you minimize waste by efficiently rotating inventory between your clinic locations. The result? Increased profitability and improved patient care.

Unlock the Potential of FlexScanMD for Your Health Clinic

Revolutionize your health clinic’s operations with FlexScanMD’s medical clinic inventory software. Don’t let inventory management complexities hold you back. Experience the efficiency, accuracy, and profitability that our solution brings. Visit our request a demo page now to get a free demo and witness the transformative power of FlexScanMD firsthand.

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