As a dermatologist, your focus is the health and well-being of your patient. Part of their quality care is having the necessary materials on hand to care for their needs. There is nothing better than having an appropriately stocked inventory to do just that. Our FlexScanMD medical inventory management tool has been used by many in the dermatology practice. This flexible software provides you with real-time insight into the state of your inventory. Our cloud-based system gives you the highest level of inventory control, allowing you to quickly scan items in and out of inventory. This improves workflow and increases efficiency for you and your employees. Our comprehensive reporting helps you make informed decisions regarding the products you stock, dispense and sell.

Low On-hand and Expiration Date Alerts

Real-time Inventory Transfer

Comprehensive Reporting

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Improve how inventory is managed and increase realtime, on-hand stock visibility

No longer experiencing Inaccurate inventory data will have a positive impact on your dermatology practice’s business operations, resulting in an even happier office atmosphere. Inventory visibility should be accessible to all key staff in your organization, keeping both care and administrative teams on the same page. FlexScanMD provides a 360-degree view of your medical inventory, allowing you to see real-time stock counts and dispense history to ensure adequate supplies exist at locations when they are needed.

  • Role-based access control
  • Use on any device in any browser
  • Custom security groups provide the right level of access to the right team members
  • Automatic electronic ordering from medical supply vendors streamlines the ordering process
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • POS merchant integration
  • Extensive EHR integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting

Track it all!

FlexScanMD is a “flexible” medical inventory management software for dermatologists. It allows your dermatology center to track any type of medical product, from expensive medications to general PPE and medical supplies. FlexScanMD’s integrated barcode scanning allows your dermatology staff to quickly scan items in and out of inventory. Seamless integration with your Practice Management and EHR systems gives providers the ability to automatically decrement inventory in real-time.

  • Track injectables, retail products, kits, treatment packages, gift cards and services
  • Track promotions, discounts, sales commissions, and sales tax calculations
  • Track general products such as PPE or other vital supplies
  • Track assets such as computers, software, and medical equipment

Increase accuracy, efficiency, and profitability

As your dermatology team works together to ensure that your practice operates smoothly they will be much more confident in their day-to-day activities by having a tool that allows them to perform their tasks above and beyond expectations. Poor inventory management has the opposite result. FlexScanMD increases you and your staff’s efficiency and saves your organization time and money. In addition, our expiration date monitoring system allows you to closely track expiring products, helping you rotate inventory between locations to avoid needless product waste.

  • Real-time notification of low on-hand and expiration date alerts.
  • Real-time Inventory transfers between locations
  • Real-time visibility into your network of locations
  • Auto-replenish stock with our purchase order module

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Elevate Dermatology Inventory Management with FlexScanMD

As a dedicated dermatologist, your patients’ well-being is your top priority. Ensuring their care goes beyond treatment—having the right supplies readily available is essential. Discover how FlexScanMD revolutionizes dermatology inventory management, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional care.

Unleash the Power of Dermatology Inventory Software

Your dermatology practice deserves more than a run-of-the-mill inventory system. Enter FlexScanMD, the game-changer in dermatology inventory software. With real-time insights and cloud-based accessibility, it offers the pinnacle of inventory control, allowing you to effortlessly scan items in and out, elevating both workflow and efficiency.

Empower Precision with Comprehensive Insights

Imagine having an arsenal of comprehensive insights at your fingertips. FlexScanMD empowers your dermatology practice with real-time stock counts, dispensing history, and invaluable reporting tools. Make informed decisions about your stocked products, ensuring you’re always prepared to offer top-notch care.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Management

Dermatology inventory management doesn’t have to be a hassle. FlexScanMD seamlessly integrates with your Practice Management and EHR systems, enabling real-time automatic inventory decrements. Every item is effortlessly tracked, from injectables and retail products to treatment packages and medical supplies.

Boost Efficiency, Reduce Waste

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount for a thriving dermatology practice. FlexScanMD empowers your team to operate above and beyond expectations. Say goodbye to needless waste—our expiration date monitoring system ensures you’re always aware, allowing you to rotate inventory and minimize unnecessary losses.

Discover the Future of Dermatology Inventory Management

Ready to transform how your dermatology practice operates? Elevate your inventory management with FlexScanMD. Experience streamlined processes, enhanced accuracy, and a focus on patient care. Take the first step toward optimizing your practice. Request a free demo of FlexScanMD today.

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