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FlexScanMD's diverse, cloud-based, medical inventory management system helps medical practices of ALL specialties and sizes efficiently manage the products and medications they stock, dispense and sell. All your medical inventory can be accessed, managed and dispensed from FlexScanMD on any web browser, from any device for all your locations.
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Our Medical Inventory Management System Features

Inventory Anything
  • Vaccines, Medicine, Durable Medical Equipment, and Retail Products
  • Assets
  • Medical and general supplies
  • 1D and 2D
  • Manufacture barcode
  • Customize and print your own barcodes
Point of Sale
  • Quotes and Recurring Invoices
  • Gift Cards, Promotions, Discounts, Coupons
  • Customizable Invoices and Receipts
Tracking Options
  • By Lot Number, Break-Open, and Expiration Date
  • By Program Type (VFA, VFC, 340B, Family Planning, etc.)
  • FIFO, LIFO, Location Transfers, and more
Alerts and Reporting
  • Sales Commissions and Volume
  • Medical Inventory Levels and Expiring Inventories
  • By Date, Location, Provider, and Patient
  • Unlimited Locations, Providers, and Users
  • Multi-Location Tracking and Transfers
  • Full System Auditing and Tracking
  • ADA
  • MFA and IP Address Based Security
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
Cloud Based
  • Any Device in Any Browser
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • No Local Database or Equipment Management

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We handle all, here are several.
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Health Clinics

Health Clinics
  • Track unique lot types like VFC, VFA, 340B as well as various programs
  • Partial dispensing
  • Create and print patient Rx labels
  • Create and print custom 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Low on-hand and expiration alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting gives real-time insight into the needs and growth of each location individually or company-wide
  • Asset tracking
  • Real-time visibility into network of locations

Ambulatory Surgical Center

Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Reserve items from stock to assist in costing
  • Track surgical supplies
  • Inventory management that includes low stock and expiration alerts
  • Preference Cards
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Inventory transfers between any location
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Asset tracking


  • Track injectables, retail products, kits, treatment packages, gift cards and services
  • Promotions, discounts, gift cards, sales commission tracking and sales tax calculations
  • Low on-hand and expiration alerts and inventory transfers between any location
  • Inventory management and comprehensive reporting give real-time insight into the needs and growth of each location individually or company-wide
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Asset tracking
  • Real-time visibility into network of locations


  • Create lab orders and track patient prescriptions
  • Integration with your Frames Data account for wholesale pricing and product catalogs
  • Integration with Vision Web for electronic submission of lab orders
  • Contact lens sales and sales tax calculations
  • Low on-hand alerts
  • Inventory transfers between locations
  • Comprehensive reporting gives real-time insight into the needs and growth of each location individually or company-wide
  • Asset tracking

Sleep Clinic

Sleep Clinic
  • Rental tracking usage including by serial numbers
  • Create and manage recurring invoices
  • Price modifiers for sold verses rented or insurance
  • Customizable Delivery Tickets
  • Group products together in kits
  • Multi-location support with inventory transfers, real-time reporting and alerts
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Asset tracking

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment
  • Track rental equipment usage including serial numbers
  • Retail sales, rentals, sales tax tracking and calculations
  • Kit equipment
  • Customizable Delivery Tickets
  • Recurring invoices
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Inventory transfers between locations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Asset tracking

Pain Management

Pain Management
  • Track injectables and controlled substances
  • Track lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Waste management with exportable reports
  • Retail sales of DME and sales tax calculations
  • Comprehensive reporting gives real-time insight into needs and growth of each location individually or company-wide
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Low on-hand alerts
  • Inventory transfers between locations
  • Asset tracking

Integrative and Functional

Integrative and Functional
  • Infusion therapy tracking
  • Track usage from bulk inventory to create formulas and tinctures
  • Retail sales of supplements and diffusers
  • Track sales tax and sales commissions
  • Inventory management with lot number and expiration date tracking
  • Low on-hand alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Purchase orders with approval levels

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care
  • Tracking by lot numbers with low on-hand and expiration alerts
  • Sales of supplements and DME with sales tax calculations
  • Track meds from multiple sources
  • Create and print patient Rx labels
  • Purchase orders with approval levels
  • Inventory transfers between locations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Asset tracking

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What are FlexScanMD Users Saying?

User friendly! Makes keeping track of our inventory more efficient!

Provider with Clinic Size of 25

“This has been an amazing experience with FlexScanMD. It has also improved our workflow with medical inventory and dispensing. I highly recommend this software!”

Management with Clinic Size of 65

“FlexScanMD is amazing! They have amazing customer service and have really helped streamline our medical inventory and dispensing processes.”

Practice Manager at Large Office

“FlexScanMD provides an excellent pharmacy inventory product that works very well with our PM software… They were by our side every step of the way! There is never a time that we have a question that they do not provide excellent customer care! I highly recommend them.”

Center for helping homeless in a major city

“I have had FlexScanMD now for over a year and a half. I am SO SO glad we went with them. The accuracy, the support, the ease of use are all incredible. I recommend this for anyone that has any kind of medical inventory to track and also we use the commission function and its awesome as well. Love the ease of entering, love the ease of having all of our patients in our PM software are available in FlexScanMD and Love love how easy finding things, doing reports on things is. Again the customer support and onboarding was a DREAM and continues to be as good.

Woman’s Health Center in a major city

“We’ve been using FlexScanMD for a little more than 2 years and we are very pleased with the software and even more so with their customer service staff! Prior to this, we had a manual (Excel) tracking method to keep track of our donated pharmaceutical donations; but had no way of tracking (realtime) how much medical inventory was being dispensed to our patients. FlexScanMD has changed all of that by allowing us to customize received inventory, bar code each medication and integrating it fully with our PM software so that we can track who has received it. The software works great with the handheld scanners for ease of use by our providers. Our annual physical inventory is now much easier and streamlined. On two occasions where we were notified of recalled medications, FlexScanMD made it easy to see which patients were affected and also allowed us to see what medical inventory needed to be discarded. I can’t say enough good things about their customer service staff. They are always helpful, patient and willing to walk you through any problems/questions you may have! Great experience overall! Highly recommend FlexScanMD!!

Large clinic in Southern Florida

“This software has been a great addition to our clinic. Previously we had been using different software that could not communicate with our PM Software which made tracking inventory more difficult for the providers. This software has a lot of versatility and has improved the efficiency of dispensing substantially. The support team at FlexScanMD is easy to get in touch with and have solved my problems quickly, every time I have needed them. This has been great!”

“We have been using FlexScanMD for about two years. It is easy to use and gives us full transparency to our inventory. We are able to track consumption, expiration, fast and slow moving products. Company support has been responsive and outstanding.

“Fantastic program and phenomenal staff.”

“We had a great experience with FlexScanMD. Integration with PM Software was a big deciding factor for us. We had some development/troubleshooting needs, which were addressed quickly and collaboratively. The team at FlexScanMD was communicative and available to assist throughout implementation and after.”

“As an PM Software superuser for about thirty practices, I’ve found the folks at FlexScanMD to be very patient, accommodating, and responsive. It’s a pleasure to work with a vendor that actually listens to requests and does their best to make the workflows as smooth as possible for the practice.”

“FlexscanMD has resolved all our inventory problems (Great Product), and we were very lucky to have such professional people who helped us through all the processes. Thank you so much for your kind Help and Assistance, we really appreciate you taking the time to help and assist us figure out solution that fit us perfectly.”

“This has been a successful implementation for our optometry inventory management needs. This was easy to setup and the onboarding team was very helpful. Even years after the implementation we continue to received great support!”

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you use FlexScanMD to manage your medical inventory?

We are supply-chain and medical inventory experts.

While medical inventory software is not the primary focus of Practice Management, Electronic Health Record or general accounting software, our system was developed by experts with extensive supply chain and inventory management experience.

Additionally, FlexScanMD is tightly integrated with most Practice Management or Electronic Health Record systems.

That is why FlexScanMD is the #1 medical inventory management system.

Why should practices keep track of inventory?

Poor inventory management leads to financial loss that most Practices do not quantify.

Here are just a few ways your Practice is losing money each month without having quality inventory management in place:

  • Not having product on the shelf when a client is ready to purchase
  • Having too much product that doesn’t sell
  • Having to throw away expired items
  • Running out of supplies, PPE, etc and having to pay a premium price at a local retail store for last minute replenishes
  • Wasted employee time spent on manual, physical inventory counts
  • Slower workflow due to manual entry of inventory used
  • Data entry errors
  • Buying stock when other locations have excess
  • Lost tax write-offs due to incorrect inventory valuations
  • Inability to track patients who received recalled product batches
  • Theft

Because FlexScanMD enables their clients the highest level of inventory control, they save more money than it costs them for service.

Why is FlexScanMD superior to Excel for inventory management?

Continuing to use Excel for medical inventory management is equivalent to going back to 100% paper charting and file cabinets. It is antiquated, slow, prone to errors, full of forgotten data entry, has minimal reporting abilities, zero audit trails, and is not HIPAA compliant.

FlexScanMD can be accessed by you online from anywhere in the world and provides instant, real-time stats, reports, and alerts! Working across multiple locations is a breeze and having audit trails of who did what is priceless.

Another way to look at this…

Imagine if every time you went to the grocery store checkout that you had to manually enter every single item you are purchasing into an Excel spreadsheet? That store would quickly go out of business.

With FlexScanMD in your Practice, you will also be able to use scanners to quickly scan items out of Inventory. Like a grocery store, this is quick, accurate and provides you with the real-time data and metrics you need to run a highly successful Practice!

What is the advantage of Cloud or SaaS medical inventory management system?

Every successful and growing company across all industries uses Cloud-based systems (also known as Saas – Software as a Service). Whether it is your email provider, bookkeeping, Electronic Health Record or Practice Management system or simply your Payroll service, most likely it is a Cloud-based (on the Internet) service.

Having everything in the Cloud (internet) means you have instant redundancy with back up measures, real-time access and you are always using the latest version of the system. Nothing to download, install, re-install, or worry about a complete loss of your hard work and data due to fire, theft or equipment failure.

While Software as a Service (Saas) means you pay annual or monthly fees rather than a large up-front expense, it also means that your Software is always running, you never need to ‘buy the latest version’, and customer support is always just a phone call or email away.

Plus, you do not need to pay for an IT staff or have the ongoing expense of maintenance and upkeep for in-house servers and devices.

How can I keep track of expiring medicines?

No worries, FlexScanMD will send email alerts to whomever you wish, and display these alerts on the main screen. You will always know which items are expiring, within a time parameter of your choosing, giving you plenty of time to use that stock so it doesn’t go to waste.

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