Accurate inventory management is critical for patient safety and operational efficiency in Hospitals. Having sufficient supplies in stock ensures you can respond effectively to sudden increases in patient volume and mitigates workflows that can compromise patient care. Whether your facility is large or small, FlexScanMD provides you with real-time insight into their current supply inventory levels and needs. This allows you to save money by avoiding rush orders normally accompanied by expedited shipping costs. Our mobile focused scanning allows staff to quickly scan out supplies on a tablet or phone immediately wherever inventory is stored, facilitating an accurate and streamlined inventory management process. Likewise, our unique approach to Preference Card management minimizes waste and provides insight into surgical spending patterns and opportunities for cost mitigation. Our system’s automation and many features save time and money, permitting you to focus on what is most important – patient care.

Low On-hand and Expiration Date Alerts

Preference Cards

Comprehensive Reporting

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Efficient Inventory Management and Stock Visibility

Having adequate supplies in stock is essential for providing high-quality patient care. Running out of critical supplies can disrupt workflows and compromise patient safety. FlexScanMD provides a 360-degree view of your inventory, allowing you to monitor real-time stock and use history to ensure adequate supplies are on hand when needed.

  • Enterprise dashboard shows key metrics in real-time
  • Mobile scanning provides inventory adjustments at individual storage locations
  • Automatic electronic ordering from medical supply vendors streamlines stock ordering
  • Establish PAR levels by location for detailed reporting and forecasting
  • Comprehensive reporting offers detail analytical insights

Digital Preference Card Management

A full-featured Preference Card management module in FlexScanMD allows staff to monitor costs during procedures. By accurately documenting the preferences of each provider during a case, hospitals can ensure that only necessary items are used during surgeries, reducing waste and unnecessary spending on excess supplies. Seamless integration with your Practice Management system provides a completely automated process which increases accuracy and saves time.

  • Produce digital pick lists for items used by each provider for each procedure
  • Easily analyze costs associated with cases and compare costs between providers
  • Quickly itemize products used during a procedure to ensure everything is accounted for
  • Associate Preference Card templates with appointments to automatically create Preference Cards for each new appointment
  • Compare costs for procedures against reimbursements for true cost analysis

Increase accuracy and patient safety!

FlexScanMD offers numerous features to increase the accuracy of your inventory management. Real-time alerts let you know when stock reaches preset PAR levels and needs to be replenished. Expiration date monitoring prevents the use of expired products. Inventory movement reports alert you to trends that promote stock rotation between departments or locations to avoid needless waste. This improved accuracy saves time and allows you to concentrate on delivering better patient care.

  • Real-time notification of low stock in comparison to pre-defined PAR levels
  • Real-time product expiration date warnings
  • Inventory movement reports highlight stock transfer opportunities to avoid waste
  • Barcode scanning and custom label printing for more accurate inventory accounting
  • Compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act

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Revolutionize Surgical Inventory Management with FlexScanMD

Embrace the power of cutting-edge ambulatory surgery center software with FlexScanMD. Whether you’re managing a single location or a multi-location group, our cloud-based inventory software grants you unparalleled control over your supplies.

Seamless Ambulatory Inventory Software

As an Ambulatory Surgical Center, precision and efficiency are your top priorities. The last thing you need is to be caught off guard by inventory shortages during critical procedures. Enter FlexScanMD, your ultimate solution for elevating surgical inventory management.

Empower Workflow Efficiency and Accuracy

Surgical procedures demand seamless workflows and impeccable accuracy. FlexScanMD empowers your team to effortlessly scan items in and out of inventory, streamlining processes and enhancing employee efficiency. Our integrated barcode scanning ensures every movement is tracked, virtually eliminating manual errors.

Comprehensive Insights for Informed Decisions

Making informed decisions regarding your stocked products is paramount. FlexScanMD’s comprehensive reporting equips you with real-time insights to optimize your inventory. From setting approval levels for purchase orders to tracking surgical supplies, our system offers dynamic solutions.

Stay Ahead with Real-Time Alerts and Ordering

Imagine receiving real-time alerts when stock levels approach preset thresholds. FlexScanMD ensures you’re always ahead of the game by allowing automatic electronic ordering from medical supply vendors. This means you never have to worry about running out of vital supplies again.

Effortlessly Track and Optimize Resources

FlexScanMD isn’t just about inventory—it’s about resource optimization. Track not only medical supplies but also assets like medical equipment and tools. Our software seamlessly integrates with your Practice Management and EHR systems, ensuring precise real-time inventory decrements.

Enhance Accuracy, Efficiency, and Savings

With FlexScanMD, boost accuracy, efficiency, and profitability. Our system enables you to efficiently rotate inventory between locations to prevent waste, thanks to our expiration date monitoring. Real-time inventory transfers and stock notifications save you time and money.

Unlock the Future of Surgical Inventory Management

Ready to revolutionize your Ambulatory Surgical Center’s operations? Take the first step toward enhanced inventory control and streamlined workflows. Request a free demo of FlexScanMD today and experience the power of seamless ambulatory inventory software.

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