NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare offers practice management software that includes tools for billing, revenue cycle management, and analytics. They offer a range of other healthcare technology products and services that include population health management tools, patient portal software, and revenue cycle management services.

FlexScanMD and NextGen

FlexScanMD integrates with the following NextGen product:

  • NextGen Practice Management system

FlexScanMD’s integration with NextGen Healthcare’s Practice Management software allows provider and patient demographics, and appointments to seamlessly flow over to FlexScanMD. Patient charges, including amounts billed and charge codes associated with the billing, are automatically sent to NextGen’s Healthcare Practice Management system when medications and products are dispensed to patients.

More about NextGen Healthcare Inventory Management Integration with FlexScanMD

FlexScanMD is the medical industry’s premier cloud-based inventory management and tracking system. But now, you can experience the power of seamless integration with NextGen Healthcare’s Practice Management software, revolutionizing the way you manage your medical inventory.

With FlexScanMD’s integration with NextGen Healthcare, provider and patient demographics, as well as appointments, effortlessly synchronize with ease. Say goodbye to manual data entry and let FlexScanMD automatically send patient charges, including billing amounts and charge codes, to NextGen’s Healthcare Practice Management system whenever medications and products are dispensed to patients. It’s a game-changer for your practice, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Note how this integration with NextGen Healthcare benefits 2 specific medical specialties:

Dermatology practices: Whether you are tracking injectables or retail cosmetic supplies, FlexScanMD is the number one choice for inventory management in dermatology practices. Managing these items and ensuring their availability is a daunting task. But with FlexScanMD’s cloud-based inventory management solution, you gain unparalleled control. Scan items in and out of inventory effortlessly, improving workflow for your dermatology office. Boost employee efficiency and elevate client care with our comprehensive reporting, empowering you to make informed decisions about your stocked products.

Sleep Clinic: Whether you operate a single location or a multi-location group, FlexScanMD caters to sleep clinics’ unique needs. Gain real-time insight into your inventory’s status with our cloud-based system, providing the highest level of control. Swiftly scan items in and out of inventory, streamlining workflow and maximizing employee efficiency. Our comprehensive reporting capabilities enable informed decisions about your products, saving you valuable time and money. Focus on what truly matters – exceptional patient care.

But we are happy to say that it is not only these two specialties that can benefit from this powerful integration.  Other specialties can benefit.  These include, but are not limited to dermatology, ambulatory, health clinics, sleep clinics, pain management facilities and more. Experience the efficiency, control, and peace of mind that FlexScanMD’s integration with NextGen Healthcare brings to your medical practice. Revolutionize your inventory management today with the industry’s leading medical inventory software, FlexScanMD.

Integration with:

  • Practice Management (PM) system