Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine provides electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software medical practices. Its software includes electronic prescribing, appointment scheduling, and clinical documentation as well as tools for billing, revenue cycle management, and analytics.

FlexScanMD and ModMed

FlexScanMD integrates with the following ModMed product:

  • ModMed Practice Management system

FlexScanMD’s integration with ModMed’s Practice Management software allows provider and patient demographics, and appointments to seamlessly flow over to FlexScanMD. Patient charges, including amounts billed and charge codes associated with the billing, are automatically sent to Modmed’s Practice Management system when medications and products are dispensed to patients.

Modernizing Medicine Software’s Integration with FlexScanMD

FlexScanMD is the medical industry’s premier cloud-based inventory management and tracking system by KestrelSoft. With our seamless integration with Modernizing Medicine’s Practice Management software, your medical practice can now experience a new level of efficiency and control.

As a dermatologist, you understand the importance of having a well-stocked inventory to provide optimal patient care. FlexScanMD, coupled with Modernizing Medicine’s software, empowers you to streamline your inventory management effortlessly. Our membership module allows you to track memberships purchased by your patients.  Patient demographics, appointments, and even charges associated with medication dispensing are seamlessly synchronized between the systems.

With FlexScanMD’s medical inventory software, you gain real-time insight into your inventory’s status. Our cloud-based solution enables you to scan items in and out swiftly, enhancing workflow and increasing overall efficiency. Experience the power of comprehensive reporting, allowing you to make informed decisions about the products you stock, dispense, and sell.

Take your dermatology practice to new heights with FlexScanMD’s integration with Modernizing Medicine. Experience the ease of medical inventory control and management like never before. Enhance patient care, reduce waste, and optimize your operations with our innovative solution. Discover the future of inventory management today.

Integration with:

  • Practice Management (PM) system