InstaMed is a healthcare payment platform that offers a software solution for electronic billing and payment processing, patient payment management, and claims management.

FlexScanMD and InstaMed

We integrate with the following InstaMed product:

  • InstaMed Connect

FlexScanMD’s Financial module enables medical practices to generate electronic payments. The integration of this module with InstaMed streamlines the process of electronic billing and payment processing for practices., making it easier to manage patient payments.

InstaMed integrates with FlexScanMD Inventory Management

FlexScanMD offers easy integration with a wide variety of tools to enhance your medical practice. One such integration is with InstaMed, a healthcare payment platform revolutionizing electronic billing and payment processing.

With FlexScanMD’s Financial module and InstaMed integration, managing patient payments becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual billing and payment processing. Our integrated solution streamlines the entire process, ensuring efficient electronic billing and seamless payment management for your practice.

Check out the remarkable benefits of FlexScanMD and the InstaMed integration for two medical practice specialties:

Dermatology practices: In a fast-paced environment like a dermatology office, inventory management is crucial. With FlexScanMD’s specialized medical inventory software for dermatology practices, you gain real-time insights into your inventory status. Our membership module allows you to track memberships purchased by your patients.  Our cloud-based system offers the highest level of control, allowing you to scan items in and out effortlessly. Improve workflow, increase employee efficiency, and make informed decisions about the products you stock, dispense, and sell. By saving time and money, FlexScanMD empowers you to prioritize what truly matters: exceptional patient care.

Sleep Clinic: Whether you have a single location or operate multiple clinics, FlexScanMD’s inventory management for sleep clinics optimizes your inventory control. Our cloud-based system provides real-time visibility into your inventory, allowing you to scan items quickly and efficiently. Enhance workflow, boost employee productivity, and leverage comprehensive reporting to make informed decisions about your stocked products. By saving time and money, FlexScanMD enables you to focus on delivering top-quality patient care without any inventory-related worries.

Other Opportunities

But these are just two specialties.  Our integration with InstaMed also assists others such as dermatology, health clinics, optical, sleep clinics, and many other unique cases where InstaMed can integrate with our medical inventory software.

Experience the power of FlexScanMD and its seamless integration with InstaMed. Streamline your medical inventory management, improve financial processes, and unlock the full potential of your medical practice. Discover how our comprehensive solution transforms the way you operate, ensuring smooth inventory control and exceptional patient care every step of the way.

Integration with:

  • InstaMed Connect Payment Software