CareCloud provides EHR, practice management software, and revenue cycle management to healthcare providers. CareCloud offers a variety of other services as well, including patient portal software, appointment scheduling, and billing and claims management.

FlexScanMD and CareCloud

FlexScanMD integrates with the following CareCloud product:

  • CareCloud Practice Management system

FlexScanMD’s integration with CareCloud’s Practice Management software allows provider and patient demographics, and appointments to seamlessly flow over to FlexScanMD. Patient charges, including amounts billed and charge codes associated with the billing, are automatically sent to CareCloud’s Practice Management system when medications and products are dispensed to patients.

FlexScanMD and CareCloud

With FlexScanMD’s seamless integration with CareCloud’s Practice Management software, we bring you a powerful combination that revolutionizes medical inventory control.

Through this integration, provider and patient demographics effortlessly flow over to FlexScanMD, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, patient charges associated with medication and product dispensing are automatically transmitted to CareCloud’s Practice Management system. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined operations.

Let’s explore the remarkable benefits of FlexScanMD’s integration with CareCloud for two medical practice specialties:

Integrative and Functional Practices: FlexScanMD’s medical inventory software empowers integrative and functional practices with real-time insight into inventory status. With our cloud-based system, you can efficiently scan items in and out of inventory, optimizing workflow and employee efficiency. Gain comprehensive reporting capabilities to make informed decisions about the products you stock, dispense, and sell. By saving time and money, you can prioritize what matters most—patient care.

Optical Shops: Simplify optometry inventory management with FlexScanMD’s intuitive software. Whether you operate a single location or a multi-location group, our solution offers real-time visibility into your inventory. Seamlessly scan items in and out, improving workflow efficiency. Make informed decisions about optical and medical products through comprehensive reporting. Maximize your focus on patient care while our software handles the complexities of inventory management.

However, the CareCloud integration works with ambulatory, dermatology, health clinics, and many other medical specialties.  To see how it will work with your location, simply request a free demo here. The FlexScanMD and CareCloud integration can provide unmatched control over your medical inventory, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings. Experience the power of intelligent inventory management tailored to the unique needs of your medical practice.

Integration with:

  • Practice Management (PM)