AmerisourceBergen is a global healthcare company that provides pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and technology solutions to healthcare providers.

FlexScanMD and AmerisourceBergen

We integrate with the following AmerisourceBergen product:

  • Purchase Order System (POS) Merchant integration

FlexScanMD’s Purchase Order module enables medical practices to electronically generate purchase orders with approval levels and send these to suppliers. The integration of this module with Amazon streamlines the process of ordering and tracking medical supplies, making it easier and more efficient to manage inventory. Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), this module allows for smooth ordering and order tracking directly from within FlexScanMD.

FlexScanMD Inventory Management and AmerisourceBergen

FlexScanMD is the medical industry’s premier cloud-based inventory management and tracking system by KestrelSoft. But now, with our seamless integration with AmerisourceBergen, a leading global healthcare company, we take medical inventory management to new heights.

The integration of FlexScanMD with AmerisourceBergen’s cutting-edge technology automates the way medical practices order their inventory. Say goodbye to the tedious manual processes of generating purchase orders and tracking supplies. FlexScanMD’s Purchase Order module empowers you to electronically generate purchase orders with customizable approval levels, seamlessly sending them to suppliers. By leveraging Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you can effortlessly order and track medical supplies directly from within FlexScanMD, streamlining your entire inventory management workflow.

Let’s explore how FlexScanMD with AmerisourceBergen integration can benefit different medical practice specialties:

For Direct Primary Care facilities, efficient inventory management is paramount. With FlexScanMD’s medical inventory software, you gain real-time insight into your inventory status. This cloud-based system provides the highest level of inventory control, allowing you to swiftly scan items in and out, optimizing workflow and boosting employee efficiency. Comprehensive reporting further empowers you to make informed decisions regarding stocked items, dispensed items, and sold products, ultimately saving valuable time and money. With FlexScanMD, you can redirect your focus toward providing exceptional patient care.

In Health Clinics, where a order efficiency and inventory management is key, FlexScanMD’s medical inventory management tool becomes an invaluable asset. By offering real-time visibility into your inventory, this cloud-based system ensures seamless control over your supplies. Rapid scanning of items, coupled with enhanced workflow, enhances staff productivity and maximizes efficiency. Moreover, comprehensive reporting assists you in making informed decisions regarding product stocking, dispensing, and selling. With FlexScanMD, you can streamline inventory management, saving precious time and resources, and enabling you to prioritize patient care above all.

Unlock the power of FlexScanMD with AmerisourceBergen integration and revolutionize your medical inventory management today. Experience the seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and unrivaled efficiency, tailored specifically for the medical community.

Integration with:

  • Purchase Order System (POS)