AdvancedMD provides EHR and practice management software for medical practices. Its software includes electronic health records, appointment scheduling, billing, patient communication tools, and population health management solutions.

FlexScanMD and AdvancedMD

FlexScanMD integrates with the following AdvancedMD product:

  • AdvancedMD Practice Management system

FlexScanMD’s integration with AdvancedMD’s Practice Management software allows provider and patient demographics, and appointments to seamlessly flow over to FlexScanMD. Patient charges, including amounts billed and charge codes associated with the billing, are automatically sent to AdvancedMD’s Practice Management system when medications and products are dispensed to patients.

Inventory Management Integration for AdvancedMD

FlexScanMD is the medical industry’s premier cloud-based inventory management and tracking system. And now, because of our powerful integration with AdvancedMD’s Practice Management software, we bring you an unparalleled solution for streamlined inventory control and efficient patient billing.

Imagine a seamless flow of provider and patient demographics and appointments effortlessly transferring from AdvancedMD to FlexScanMD. Our integration ensures that patient charges, including billing amounts and associated charge codes, are automatically transmitted to AdvancedMD’s Practice Management system when medications and products are dispensed. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to accuracy and time savings.

Let’s explore how this integration benefits two specific medical practice specialties:

For Durable Medical Equipment providers, such as those offering bed railings, canes, commodes, crutches, and more, FlexScanMD becomes your inventory management solution. Experience the highest level of control as you quickly scan items in and out of inventory. This enhanced workflow and employee efficiency allow you to care for your clients promptly. Plus, our comprehensive reporting empowers you to make informed decisions about the products you stock, dispense, and sell. No more guessing or wasted resources—FlexScanMD ensures smooth operations and increased profitability.

Also, Health Clinics, devoted to delivering top-quality patient care, often face the challenge of cumbersome inventory management. With FlexScanMD, you’ll gain real-time insights into your inventory’s status, eliminating the complexity of manual spreadsheets across multiple locations. Our cloud-based system empowers you to scan items in and out with ease, enhancing workflow and boosting employee efficiency. Informed decisions about stocking, dispensing, and selling products become effortless with our comprehensive reporting. Focus on what truly matters – patient care – while FlexScanMD takes care of your inventory needs.

Other Specialties Served

But our integration does not just benefit these two specialties.  In fact, our integration with AdvancedMD is beneficial to almost every specialty we serve.

Experience the power of FlexScanMD’s integration with AdvancedMD. Say goodbye to tedious inventory tasks and hello to streamlined operations, accuracy, and peace of mind. Discover the unmatched benefits of our medical inventory software, medical inventory management, medical inventory system, and medical inventory control solution today.

Integration with:

  • Practice Management (PM) system