Why is FlexScanMD superior to Excel for inventory management?

Continuing to use Excel for medical inventory management is equivalent to going back to 100% paper charting and file cabinets. It is antiquated, slow, prone to errors, full of forgotten data entry, has minimal reporting abilities, zero audit trails, and is not HIPAA compliant.

FlexScanMD can be accessed by you online from anywhere in the world and provides instant, real-time stats, reports, and alerts! Working across multiple locations is a breeze and having audit trails of who did what is priceless.

Another way to look at this…

Imagine if every time you went to the grocery store checkout that you had to manually enter every single item you are purchasing into an Excel spreadsheet? That store would quickly go out of business.

With FlexScanMD in your Practice, you will also be able to use scanners to quickly scan items out of Inventory. Like a grocery store, this is quick, accurate and provides you with the real-time data and metrics you need to run a highly successful Practice!