What is the advantage of Cloud or SaaS medical inventory management system?

Every successful and growing company across all industries uses Cloud-based systems (also known as Saas – Software as a Service). Whether it is your email provider, bookkeeping, Electronic Health Record or Practice Management system or simply your Payroll service, most likely it is a Cloud-based (on the Internet) service.

Having everything in the Cloud (internet) means you have instant redundancy with back up measures, real-time access and you are always using the latest version of the system. Nothing to download, install, re-install, or worry about a complete loss of your hard work and data due to fire, theft or equipment failure.

While Software as a Service (Saas) means you pay annual or monthly fees rather than a large up-front expense, it also means that your Software is always running, you never need to ‘buy the latest version’, and customer support is always just a phone call or email away.

Plus, you do not need to pay for an IT staff or have the ongoing expense of maintenance and upkeep for in-house servers and devices.